Sex still sells but not
as you know it

Coco de Mer collects and curates the finest erotica online and in their London boutique. They sought WMH&I’s help to revise their identity and create new packaging that would reinforce their luxury positioning across their toys, oils, lubricants, candles, brochures, shopping bags, and more.

The brand strategy had, over years of management changes, become unclear. WMH&I moved Coco de Mer away from the tacky mainstream market, developing a more sophisticated and luxurious theme of ‘self exploration, excitement and discovery’.

The development of the new look led WMH&I to dressing Coco’s new signature range of toys, lubricants and candles. Inspired by history’s grandes dames of seduction, Nell Gwynne, Georgiana the Duchess of Devonshire and Catherine Howard look out knowingly, through a risqué peephole in the outer box of the toys range. On the lubricants and candles, the peephole offers teasing glimpses of erotic prints that lie behind.