The invisible suffering of Ehlers-Danlos patients visualised

While a flexible body is often considered a gift, for people with EDS it leads to chronic pains, regular joint dislocation, skin scarring and organ frangibility. EDS is also not as widely known in the medical profession, leading to extended time before diagnosis - averaging 12 years. This striking campaign to illustrate these experiences.

Demand a diagnoses

Images feature people suffering from EDS, and their quotes about the pain, are distorted with CGI to dramatise the pain they feel constantly.

Photography - Kristina Varaksina
Stylist & Make Up - Wendi Liu
Post production - Pop Creative
Photography agent - Peter Bailey
Studio - BRANDED
Typography - Dalton Maag
Website build - Fueled

Media - Clear Channel
PR - Fourth Angel / Lander PR
Projection Mapping - In Depth
Single Vinyl production - The Vinyl Factory
Single Vinyl print - Delga Press
Video production - Tailored Media

A multitude of partners have collaborated with WMH&I to bring ‘Super Flexible Not Superhuman’ to life. And similar to WMH&I, all on a pro bono basis.