Changing the way
we see food

Despite its century-old heritage, High Liner Foods maintains an ambitious, disruptive spirit, focused on bringing new ideas, sustainability practices and new processes to fuel growth. Building on High Liner Foods’ purpose of “Reimagining Seafood To Nourish Life”, the company is set to change the way we see food.

The rebrand brings forward a bold graphic twist as the key element of the new look. It focuses on changing perceptions of High Liner Foods, highlighting its leadership and positive actions towards building an optimistic future for the seafood industry.

This graphic twist is central to HLF's new identity. Present throughout from logo through to a modified typeface by Dalton Maag, it represents the change of perspective and signifies the active transformation HLF is spearheading in the food industry. The full 360-degree brand identity for High Liner Foods captures the humanity of the brand, its creative potential and optimistic future journey.