Unlocking the world of hidden
and rare whiskies

Globally the single malt category is growing steadily year on year, recruiting new consumers via ‘exclusive’ collections. Chivas Brothers wanted to launch a hand-selected collection of old and rare single malts from four of Speyside’s most elusive distilleries. WMH&I was asked to bring to life this highly desired collection by creating a new name and brand world. This world would allow the full collection to be marketed as one, whilst also enabling each distillery to be treated individually.

This collection targets the whisky treasure hunters. We therefore positioned the brand with a sense of secrecy. Unveiling these hidden liquid gems for those intrepid enough to go a little deeper. Connoisseurs are invited to explore and uncover what makes these single malts and distilleries so remarkable. Our new name, Secret Speyside, suggest that the reward is in the discovery.