Synchronise your Curiosity

For our Curiosity Day we ventured to pioneering art collective UVA's largest ever exhibition, Synchronicity.

The exhibition transforms the subterranean spaces of 180 Studios with incredible light, sound and kinetic works that challenge our perception of reality. It envelops you in a dark world of dancing lights rhythmic sounds, and complex algorithms. Across 8 experiential works each piece uniquely embodied the idea of synchronicity, those profound coincidences that cannot be rationally explained.

Interestingly, the artwork at Synchronicity triggered different reactions. While some of us were mesmerised by the pieces, others got dizzy and lightheaded. With that, we left the exhibition feeling in sync with the world. Albeit, a bit confused by some of the art pieces’ descriptions.

At WMH&I, creativity isn't just a buzzword; it’s our lifeblood. As a branding agency, we understand that to truly harness its power, we must embrace inspiration from all corners around us. To keep that spark alive, we often step out, exploring what the creative world offers.

Enter our Curiosity Days.

Every member at WMH&I is given an extra day each month, beyond the confines of holidays, to delve into the depths of creative exploration. Whether it's an interesting exhibition or an enlightening workshop, we encourage our team to let their creative souls roam free.

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