How does one help the world's largest vehicles switch to electric?
The transition to e-mobility is not exclusively focused on passenger cars. Machinery used in mining, construction and agriculture are also changing to electric power.

A year ago WMH&I created Castrol's e-mobility brand; Castrol ON. And since its inception we have supported the brand with ongoing campaigns to demonstrate Castrol's leadership in the adoption of electric vehicles.

Most recently we showcased the groundbreaking work Castrol ON is doing with Xing Mobility. Founded in 2015 by Panasonic and Tesla veterans, XING Mobility is a provider of electric vehicle batteries for mainly industrial applications.

The high-performance batteries for these large vehicles require continuous cooling. Together with Xing Mobility, Castrol ON developed new EV Thermal Fluids that immerse each battery cell to keep them continuously cool even under the extreme conditions of heavy industries.

The campaign dramatises the "continuous cooling" message through a world where vehicles from mining, construction and agriculture are building the word COOL. Showing that even in heavy industries EV thermal fluids can be used to provide a more sustainable solution and can switch on an electric future.