Today marks the end to Mental Health Awareness Week, but the conversation shouldn’t stop here.

1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental ill-health, and within the creative industry this figure is three times higher.

Create Space UK is a new mental wellbeing platform for the creative industry. Combining professional mental health advice, creative industry insight and management training guidance.

To prevent mental health issues from occurring it is important to understand how the creative mind works, and explore the ways we can alleviate stress and anxiety. Prevention is also key in avoiding the occurrence of mental health issues within the workplace, this can be done by management training and providing insight on how best to act in a situation.

Set up by WMH creative, Holly Mattacott-Darrah, Create Space UK aims to remove the stigma around mental health and open up the conversation. WMH will be looking to support Create Space UK in the near future. More to follow soon, so keep your eyes out for this amazing initiative.