The outside world is fascinating and often unfamiliar. This is why we, at WMH&I, like to keep an eye out for all the amazing creative people out there, making the world more exciting.

Once a month we invite such creatives, entrepreneurs, authors, and other interesting minds to talk about their work, their lives, and how they harness the power of creativity. After the presentation, we all get together and enjoy some delicious pizza.

Some of our recent speakers include:

Editorial Photographer Kristina Varaksina showcased her diverse portfolio, including on her recent project "The Land Beyond The River." This project explores the lives of people in Karakalpakstan, a region in Uzbekistan deeply affected by the drying up of the Aral Sea. Using visual symbols, chosen colours, and specific lighting, Varaksina captures deep emotions felt by both her and her subjects.

Author, entrepreneur, and ex-CEO and founder of Curlsmith Haircare Kate Berski recounted her evolution as co-creator of Curlsmith Haircare, a journey from a modest start-up to $150 million venture. She illuminated common misconceptions about brand-building, providing insights into how she successfully navigated these challenges.

New Media Artist Luyang Zou offered a glimpse into the complex thought driving his diverse art forms, from immersive experiences to kinetic installations. Leveraging techniques like projection mapping and virtual production, he consistently pushes the boundaries of technology.

Choreographer and motion director Robert Hylton explored the fascinating process underpinning his work in both advertising and film direction. He also delved into his ongoing PhD research at the Centre for Dance Research and current debates in choreography, such as copyright.

Founder and CEO of MyndPlay Tre Azam discussed his role and journey as founder and CEO MyndPlay, a UK company behind the innovative MyndBand EEG Brainwave headset. He discussed the projects that have leveraged this EEG technology and shared insights on possible future uses of this technology,

And we have many more coming up!

Keep an eye out for videos of past speakers our Instagram @wmh_and_i and if you’re interested in joining as guest or speaker contact Alice Pukhova at