We have unveiled a striking new studio window display inspired by and designed in collaboration with our neighbours, Dallington School, to highlight that creativity flourishes at any age. The vibrant display, which will be on show from March to May, has been created entirely from the handprints of the school’s children, teachers and agency team members.

Based on the idea of a “creative high five” between the school and us, we asked the children and teachers at Dallington School to start their artwork with an outline of their own hands. They were then encouraged to set their imaginations free and turn those hands into whatever they wished, which could be drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures or whatever the creators chose.

We regularly use the street-facing windows at our Dallington Street studio in Clerkenwell, East London, to display creativity, showcase the work of other creatives and share ideas and things it finds funny as a way of making the agency a part of Clerkenwell life. We have a history of working with Dallington School, which offers a creative and holistic approach to learning, on community projects.

James Griffiths, the Head Teacher at the Dallington School, added: “It was such fun to be working with WMH&I again. When the High Five project was first suggested, we thought it would be a great art activity for Dallington children. During the following weeks in art sessions, they thought up fantastic ways to use their handprints in different ways. Seeing the imaginative use of materials was thrilling, and I think the resulting art installation in the window is a testament to the children’s curiosity and creative powers.”

Phoebe Priestley, Junior Designer at WMH&I, said: “Collaborating with Dallington School has been inspiring. Witnessing creativity across ages reminds us that even a simple handprint can spark imagination. This display celebrates our joint creativity, highlighting our commitment to collaboration and innovation. It’s a project we’re truly proud of.”